Vintage Petra Dolls by Plasty

Petra Fashion Queen Made by Plasty in Germany from 1964 onwards. This Petra comes with molded hair and wigs. The doll is marked original Petra on her back and Petra on the back of her head. The outfit is by Plasty 1960s #20 Lausanne.



This is Petra Star she has rooted hair and rooted eyelashes and was produced from 1972 onwards. She has a Twist 'N' Turn body and legs that click and bend at the knees. She is marked Petra Star just above the waist line. The outfit is by Plasty Boutique from 1974  number #5812. The tiara does not go with the outfit.




This is a Petra Star without rooted eyelashes she was made in about 1970 and comes with shoulder length  and also with longer length hair. The outfit is from 1978 Haute Couture #5615



Petra Ponytail doll from 1964 straight legs and original Petra body. The outfit is from the 1960s number #11.  Wien. The dress is original and the belt is a replacement and should be turquoise blue



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