1980 to 1983  Sindy

1980 Styling Sindy

1980 Styling Sindy- Styling Sindy is a basic doll with extra long hair, reaching over her middle. Her head is marked 2 GEN/ 1077  and 033055X. It was probably made from a different vinyl as a lot of these dolls have turned a very sickly, greenish pale. Styling Sindy was available as a red, brunette or blond and are HTF in good condition.

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1980 Basic

1980 Basic Sindy- Basic 80's body and head, same as last years. Marked either 2 GEN 1070 / 033055X or 033055X only in a raised block on her head. Available in 3 hair colours.



1981 Sindy with Bunches

1981 Sindy with bunches has a basic body marked Hong Kong an a (hidden) number on her head, 033055X in a raised block. Her hair is implanted in a centrepart from her forehead to the nape of the neck. The bunches were tied with ribbons. This doll was sold as Party Time Sindy




1981 and 1982 Basic Sindy

The 1981 and 1982 Basic Sindy isn't much different from last years but the markings have changed. Sindy is now marked Sindy (in a block) and 033055X beneath it. Her body and hairstyle remain the same. Her make-up is still soft too, pink or pale orange lips.


From 1982 onwards all Sindy dolls are marked Sindy on their heads. Sindy was made in Hong Kong but also in Great Brittain and in China. Sometimes the same issues were made in different places and therefore there are many differences and variations to be found.

The Hong Kong dolls are marked as such and have the smaller, harder faces with the sad eyes. These dolls are often a little smaller then her British sisters.

The British and China made dolls are unmarked on their bodies but have Sindy 033055X on their heads. These heads are softer and slightly bigger. Small differences in outfits and boxes are interesting to NRFB collectors.


1982 Active

1982/ 83 Active Sindy - This pretty doll has the markings Sindy 033055X on her head, there are no markings on her body. She has a soft head and a fully posable active body with hinged hands. She is 27,5 cm tall

Also available as a Hong Kong issue on the right



1982 Hong Kong short hair

1982 New this year, and inspired by princess Diana, was Sindy with short, layered hair, either blond or brunette, sold as Sunshine Sindy. This is the Hong Kong issue with a smaller, hard head. She is marked Sindy 033055X on the head and Hong Kong on the lower back.


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1983 Hong Kong

1982/83 Basic Sindy, Hong Kong issue. Available in red, blond and brunette. This doll is popular because of her nice hair and pretty, sad eyes. Small hard head marked Sindy 033055X, basic body marked Hong Kong. This doll can be found as Sindy skater, Sindy Dancer and Sindy hairstylist to name a few.



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